Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wedding Pics

Our wedding pictures are up on I'm sending out an email tonight. If you don't get the email linking you to the snapfish album let us know.
A few things:
The gold ring that you see in a lot of pictures is from my mother's side of the family from the Civil War era.
You may have seen some ladies with little birdie boutonnieres on--they were Rachel (best bi-otch, aka my little sis from Smith College) and my four matrons of honor. These four ladies were very influential as I was growing up and, as well as providing me lots of love and support, showed me different ways you can be a woman. Since this event is the transition to me heading my own household, I felt it only natural to honor my role models.
Here's a bit about them (from left to right):
Abbie: Tante Abbie rented out a room in our basement when I was a kid and she was getting her PhD in Chemistry. Abbie rode her bike everywhere (no car for her), she was also a no-nonsense brainy lady, a vegetarian and meditator. She encouraged me to do what was important to me and had faith that I could do it. Now she lives on an organic farm in a green home w/ Noel (the photographer) and will soon be training for an across country bike ride (starting when she turns 60).
Dee: Dee! Perhaps a bit too young to be a matron, but I mean it as good thing. Dee lived/lives across the street from my childhood home. We met when I was six. She seemed very exotic and mysterious, with her dark living room and many cats (bonus: she also stocked many sugar items I would never have seen otherwise). Dee has always been there for me, she has treated me like an equal since the beginning. She is a very loyal friend to many people and animals, an excellent correspondent and a fan of laughter. She also is a woman who likes to serve the community through many food programs. But...she does this on her terms, she taught me how important volunteer work is for the volunteer as well as the recipients.
My mom: Mom, you are one wild and crazy lady. If you know my mom, you know she is a trip. First of all my mom gave me life, and a very good foundation--tons of meditation while I was in the womb. She also taught me about working to get what you want out of life, and staying true to yourself. More importantly she teaches me everyday about the fruits of this hard labor...whether it be seeing a relationship bloom or being master of your physical domain.
Cheryl: My aunt is the total Earth mom. She has eight children, six of which she delivered naturally at home. Even though her children are all grown up, she continues to babysit. She also is committed to her relationship with God. I still remember her asking me if I believed in God. I said that I wasn't sure. Her response was: "Well, there is a God and he believes in you." That was just the right thing to say. She has always been open minded about my own spiritual practices and lifestyle choices, and a steady force in my life.
Thanks to all my matrons. You have given me so much!
We'll be adding a few other pictures later of our tree climb with Abbie and Noel, and our honeymoon on Orcas Island. We'll keep you posted.

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