Monday, May 19, 2008


Hola friends and family!
Here is our schedule for the wedding and days before:

Thurs: small rehearsal at our house (you know if you're supposed to be there) and dinner at Nutshell at 7:30.

Fri: Family dinner (if you're related to us, we hope you can come!) at Queen of Sheba at 630pm.

Sat: Both Kevin and I will be enjoying our last day/night of freedom. (You know what that means--trips to the strip club for all--just kidding!!!) We will also be doing some last minute wedding stuff.

Sunday: Wedding at Leach Botanical Gardens at 1130, followed by lunch (also at Leach) about 1230 or 1pm. Leach garden is so beautiful, please enjoy a walk around the garden. We'll clear out by 4-5pm.
Later: After party at Ground Kontrol, and the Someday Lounge, with some eating before hand at the Vegetarian House at 730--we'll give more info at the wedding if you'll be joining us.

Monday: Some of you will be waiting until Tuesday to fly out, due to this whole Memorial Day weekend. Regardless of when you fly: mercury goes into retrograde on Monday, which often means communication and travel issues. No need to panic, just arrive a little earlier for flights and take you bags on with you if you can!

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