Sunday, May 25, 2008

Welcome! (New Posts are Below This One)

Welcome to our site of marriage and love! On this site you will find info that will be helpful if you are coming to the wedding in Portland. Places to stay, things to do while your here, transportation tips, etc. Also you will find fun facts about the love of Kevin and Lily, and some info about the big day itself. We will be adding info as we get closer to the big day, so check back. We are really excited that you will be participating in our union. Thanks for your support!
Also, please fill free to make comments--just click on the "# of comments" link at the end of the post. Then fill in your comment and sign it with a blogger id, nickname, or anonymous (the easy option). Then click "publish your comment". We'd love to hear your feedback/questions.


Anonymous said...

Hi crazy people! We bought our tickets!!!! We will be there Thursday am - to Tuesday pm. We are hoping to not have to bring the car seat for Dexter - is the public transit kick ass or what? Let's chat! Love, Phoebe and Andy

sirius.fnord said...

yeah! the public transport IS kick ass! we are very excited to see you...we'll talk soon.

Corey Wentworth said...

Hey Kevin...i finally got a laptop so now i can be on the web a lot more than just checking on emails and fantasy baseball scores! Congrats on you and Lily getting married! Wish I could be there! I lost all my contact info from everyone because my pda crapped out on me and i remembered the guild website and made my way to this one. We had the 3rd snowiest winter on record here and im glad it is finally getting warm. I bet in Portland you dont have to worry so much about snow so i am little bit jealous of you right now. my email is so please email me so i can get your address again and converse with you again. Iowa City feels lonely since you and Kirk left and everyone is leaving. Adam is moving to Austin, TX in august so it's getting to be a one horse town. Again, congrats to the both of you and hope to hear from you soon!

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